ICTAC Requirements

Ofsted lesson observation criteria:

Outstanding:  Resources, including new technology, make a marked
contribution to the quality of learning
Good: Good and imaginative use is made of resources, including new technology to enhance learning.
Satisfactory: Adequate use is made of a range of resources, including new technology, to support learning.
Unsatisfactory: No mention of Technology
The following is taken from the Becta website:
Pupils should be given opportunities to apply and develop their ICT capability through the use of ICT tools to support their learning in all subjects.
Research shows that despite a strong upward trend in teachers’ use of technology to support learning, much current practice still tends to be narrowly focused, and some does not fully build on what learners bring to the experience.

"Opportunities for students to acquire higher order ICT capability through their work in other subjects were too limited in many of the schools." (ICT in primary and secondary schools – Ofsted findings 2005-7 published January 2008)
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